10 Times Ruben Loftus- Cheek Made Us Wish He Was Coming Home to Us
When the World Cup started, let’s just say we weren’t exactly looking forward to it... Not only did we think that football is SO boring, but it also interfered with our Love Island viewing – how rude! Fast forward to a couple weeks later and we’re starting to look at football VERY differently. It could be the fact that we love any excuse to sit in a beer garden in the scorching hot weather we’ve been having, it could be the fact that we’re actually winning, or it could be the fact that we’ve fallen head over heels with Ruben Loftus- Cheek (OK definitely that!). We share some of the glorious occasions that Ruben Loftus- Cheek has made us wish he was coming home to us.
  1. When His Smile Melted Our Hearts


2. When he looked THIS good in a suit


Ya Dun Know 😏 #squaa

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3. When he spent quality time with his pupper


Last few days at home 🐶

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4. When he showed us his cheeky side


5. When we only had eyes for his thighs


Final prep 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿💪🏾 #ready

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6. When he was next to Gareth Southgate and we couldn’t cope with life anymore


World Cup debut! ✅ World cup win! ✅ You better believe! 🙌🏾

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7. When he was topless but wearing a hat and mask


Not even cold Nate It’s only -200 degrees ❄🙂

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8. When he was taking a fake phone call and we wish he was calling us


9. When he was giving a talk to a room full of kids… DEAR LORD!


10. When he played his part in England’s biggest ever win at the World Cup

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