10 Times: The Kardashians Summed Up How We Feel About Dresses.

There's a Kardashian-Jenner quote for every situation in life, and dress shopping is no different! From picking out a slayin' Saturday night party dress to dealing with those dress disasters (Kim, we've definitely ugly-cried over a dress), here are ten of our fave Kardashian quotes that sum up how emotional we've all been over dresses.

When you don't stop until you've found that unreal new dress

'If I want something, I'll make it happen'

We feel you, Kim. Hunting down the perfect going out dress for the weekend is no easy task, but someone's got to do it. And with fierce new dresses arriving every day at Pink Boutique, we've got your back.

When you've got 99 dresses but you can't pick one

'Do you want me to list everything annoying about you?'

THE. WORST. You know the feeling - when you've tried on every party dress in your wardrobe, but none of them are just right. Or you've already been seen in every single one, and there are the Instas to prove it. Total vibe killer.

When your assets are lookin' 10/10 in that new dress

'I love you! Thank you for being so voluptuous'

Can we bottle that feeling when we slip into our new bodycon dress, and our cleavage is just like WOAH? Your assets will always be on-point with our life-saving bras and shapewear. We've got all the cleavage boosters, stick-on bras and even breast lift tape you could need to be a babe in bodycon.

When you take a risk on a new dress style

'I have no idea what I'm doing'

You gotta mix it up from time to time! Sometimes you'll feel like cheating on your go-to dress style with an on-trend look, like a floor-skimming maxi, a super-chic choker dress, or even a cute skater dress in a bold new colour. It might feel freaky at first, but as soon as those compliments start coming in, you'll have found your new BFF dress.

When the dress you want sells out in your size

'I feel bad. You don't think I feel bad?'

Nothing gets between a gal and that perfect dress. Except, you know, payday, work, broken Wi-Fi...need we go on? Sometimes you and that beaut dress you've been crushing on just aren't meant to be, but don't cry girl, there's always an even dreamier one right around the corner.

When you order a bunch of new dresses and every one of them is #goals

'This could be your new...like...hobby'

A girl's gotta have choice (mini or maxi? Backless or Bardot?) so sometimes you order a whole bunch of dresses - and sometimes, every single one looks amazing. Instant new wardrobe. Why isn't anyone paying YOU to do this yet

When happiness is always just one slayin' selfie in your fave dress away

'I'm a miserable person that likes to take wonderful selfies all day long'

Hands up - who's guilty? Sometimes all you need to feel good is to bring those likes and DMs rollin' in! Whether it's with a booty-skimming backless dress or a luxe little black dress, every girl's got the right dress to do it. Pull out that phone, work those angles and get Snapchattin' away for some much-needed selfie indulgence.

When you couldn't care less what anyone thinks of your amazing new dress

'Being yourself is what life is all about'

Too short? Nah. Too low? Nuh-uh. Too tight? NOPE! You own that figure-hugging bandage dress girl, because if you feel good, you're gonna look good. And you can buy a new dress, but confidence in yourself is priceless.

When you can't find the damn dress you wanna wear

'This is a case for the FBI'

It's happened to the best of us. It finally gets to Saturday, you've tanned, manicured, contoured and put in those glam new hair extensions. You go to slip on your fave cut out dress, but it's nowhere to be found. PANIC. Where did you leave it? Who stole it?

When your new dress is GOALS

'I'm sorry you're overwhelmed'

Whether you've found that sexy lace midi dress that hugs you in all the right places, or red carpet-worthy sequin dress that makes you feel like a queen, you'll be loving every second of sending those jaws dropping. Sorry, not sorry.