10 Things We Love About Bongo's Bingo
The first time we went to the epic Bongo's Bingos, it changed nights out FOREVER! Just when we thought that a night out with the girls peaked at a tree of pornstar martinis and dancing until our feet hurt too much, along came Bongo's which made us look at things differently. We would literally go to a Bongo’s Bingo night every day of the week if it wasn’t so difficult to get tickets. In case you haven’t been yet and are wondering what all the fuss is about, or on the other hand, you’re the event’s number one fan, we share 10 things we adore about Bongo's Bingo.

1.Dancing on Benches

via GIPHY Like we need to be encouraged to dance on the benches! You’ll find us with our shoes off, dancing on benches for the entire time. And we’ve definitely been told off for dancing on the tables at least once...

2. The Full House

via GIPHY We’re not going to lie, we often get distracted by all of the dancing that needs to be done, and all of the wine that we need to drink, but when we’ve got our game face on, only the big one is good enough for us. We’re after the dollar.

3. Wine (obvs)

via GIPHY When there’s wine on the go, there's always going to be a good time. Although it definitely gets spilled on the people next to us and over our bingo book. Oops.

4. Guest Performers

via GIPHY If we’ve got the chance to get up close and personal with Boyzlife or the Vengaboys, we’re there. It’s what our childhood dreams were made of.

5. The Tunes

via GIPHY We’re not going to lie that we’re always desperate for the number 7 to be called so we can get our groove on to a bit of S Club.

6.The Dance-Offs

via GIPHY So we’ve managed to get our numbers called, but someone else has called at the same time. It’s time to get on that stage and show everyone our inner Sasha Fierce because the money is coming home with us.

7. The False Calls

via GIPHY You can’t blame anyone for getting a little too eager after a few wines, but it’s also quite fun to publicly mock them for their mistake…

8. The Prizes

via GIPHY We didn’t know that we needed a Henry the Hoover, or 6ft inflatable unicorn until we saw them on stage, and now it is the only thing we want in life.

9. All the Friends You Make

via GIPHY Sharing a love of cheesy music, bingo, and wine, you’ll soon realise that you’re sitting next to your long-lost bestie. You can’t thank them enough for marking off your numbers when you’re up on that bench every five seconds.

10. That There’s Always Another Bongo’s Date Around the Corner!

via GIPHY We’re always devastated when Bongo's is over, but when there are at least five Bongo's events per month we’re never far away from another bingo themed night out. The race to get tickets is now on… Do you love Bongo's Bingo as much as we do? Then you’re going to need a new outfit for your next Bongo's experience! Shop our new in section for some slayin’ outfits that you can dance all night in!