10 Things That Would Happen if Mean Girls Was Set in 2018
Even after all of these years, Mean Girls remains our all-time favourite movie – it’s so fetch! Their sass, hilarious antics and cute outfits have lasted the test of time and it’s the ultimate hangover movie for a Sunday sofa day. When we watch it now, we can’t help but wonder how things would be different should it be set in 2018. Join us as we discuss 10 things that would totally happen if a Mean Girls remake was on the cards.

The Burn Book Would be a Blog

via GIPHY The infamous burn book would have even more vengeance today, hosted on a blog for all to see. Trang Pak making out with Coach Carr would be the word on everyone’s lips (literally) within seconds.

Regina Would be Insta Famous

via GIPHY Forget car commercials in Japan, Regina would be rolling in the likes, DMs and followers on Insta, and taking the most ‘fetch’ pics you’ve ever seen. She’d draw the line at REGINA10 discount codes though as she’s obvs too good for that.

The Three-Way Call Would Be a WhatsApp Group Chat

via GIPHY RIP landlines. All convos would be going down via Whatsapp group chat, and the Snapchat group would have the most goals selfies you’ve ever seen. Still equally as dangerous though.

Karen’s Weather Forecasts Would Be Facebook Lives

via GIPHY Karen would be using her “talent” to let everyone know there’s a 30% chance it’s raining via Facebook Live rather than TV. She’d have a massive audience, sadly mostly of creepy older men. Eewww.

Regina Would Be Doing Juice Plus

via GIPHY Move over cranberry juice, Regina would be all about Juice Plus, and naturally, everyone would follow her example. Kady would quickly trick her into drinking 2,000 calories milkshakes convincing her they were Africa’s answer to Juice Plus.

Gretchen Would be Trying to Make “Lit” Happen

via GIPHY Forget about ‘fetch’ Gretchen would be trying to make cringy phrases such as ‘lit’ happen amongst the plastics.

Regina Would be Monitoring Aaron Samuel’s Insta DMs Like a Hawk

via GIPHY She’d have to worry about more than Aaron’s out of hours tutoring with Kady these days. Regina would have the passwords to all of his social accounts, and would quickly go after any girl overstepping the mark.

Regina’s Mum Would be on The Real Housewives

via GIPHY She wouldn’t need the Plastics to help ‘keep her young’ when she’d be the ultimate Queen Bee of her own Housewives circle.

Gretchen Would Lose It When She Saw the Plastics' Insta Stories

via GIPHY When it wasn’t candy cane season, Gretchen would get all of the rage when viewing the rest of the Plastics Insta stories where they’d be going to the mall and having parties without her.

And of course, on Wednesdays they’d still be wearing pink…

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