10 Things That Happen at EVERY Christmas Party
It’s the most wonderful time of the year because it’s PARTY SEASON!! Our work BFFs are the daily saviours that get us through the day, so we always look forward to the Christmas party so we can have all the fun with them. Let’s face it though, when work and alcohol is involved it can be a rather dangerous situation. We discuss 10 things that are guaranteed to happen at your Christmas party as much as the dreaded hangover and the day after regret.
    1. You go too hard on the table wine

via GIPHY Free wine?! Just try and stop us. Tis the season to be jolly after all…
  1. You eat too many canapes and instantly regret the bodycon

via GIPHY When you eat too many pigs and blankets and consequently then look like a pig in a sequin blanket…
  1. Your heels come off so you can party harder, for longer

via GIPHY Our killer barely theres make our outfit, but when it comes to partying late into the small hours, comfort is the key to survival. McDonald’s bags on feet girl, we salute you, you genius.
    1. The mistletoe comes out, and someone makes a very, very bad decision

via GIPHY Someone falls victim to the office lothario, then feels awkward at work for the rest of their lives.
    1. You let your office nemesis know exactly what you think of them

via GIPHY After all that wine, word vomit can’t be avoided. The annoying girl from Marketing gets to know exactly how you feel about her.
    1. The quietest person in the office becomes the biggest party animal in existence

via GIPHY The shyest person in the office becomes an absolute beast on the dancefloor and becomes an office legend from then onwards.
    1. You have a heart to heart in the toilets with the boss

And you get a selfie you forget all about until the next day…
    1. You reapply your makeup at 1am and end up with a clown contour

via GIPHY Which of course someone now has photographic evidence of.
    1. You buy everyone in the whole department a round of shots

via GIPHY Even though you have exactly £2.49 in your bank account to last until 2018…
    1. Someone falls over on the dancefloor

via GIPHY And it consequently looks like there’s been a glitter explosion. You may have a few things to be embarrassed about after your Christmas party, but we can ensure that you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to your outfit, with our unreal Christmas party range. We’ve got stunning sequin dresses, killer heels, eyelashes and hair extensions to make you look incred.