10 Things Every Girl Does Before Going on Holiday
OMG girls can you believe that it’s nearly holiday time?! We’ve only been waiting for this all year long. There’s literally nothing we’d rather do in life (excluding watching Love Island of course) than jet off for some summer sun. As soon as the holiday is booked there is always a massive countdown to the big occasion. We adore getting prepped for it so we’re looking and feeling our best. We share 10 things that every girl does before going on holiday below – how many do you do too?
  1. Starts a Holiday Countdown in the Group Chat

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Within ten minutes of booking we’ve downloaded a countdown app and we’re doing a weekly, then a daily countdown in the holiday squad group as the big event draws closer and closer.
  1. Talks About it Every.Single.Day

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There isn’t anyone that has come within 100 metres of you for the last month who doesn’t know when you’re going, where you’re going and who you’re going with. You’re so excited you just can’t keep it to yourself!
  1. Has a Breakdown Trying on Bikinis

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And so the fun begins… You promised yourself you’d have the bikini body you’ve always dreamed of this summer, but then all the fun things in life like takeaways, date nights with bae and cocktails with the girls got in the way. Cue a breakdown in the changing room as you try on bikinis and you can’t find anything you love.
  1. Gets Their Eyelashes Done

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A one-week holiday calls for a full, thick pair of Russian lashes; it’s the perfect excuse! It’s so amazing waking up on a morning with big, beautiful lashes without having to think about mascara or gluing false eyelashes. Slayin’!
  1. Panics They’ve Lost Their Passport

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Haven’t we all forgotten where we’ve put our passport and gone into meltdown mode? After turning the house upside down, you eventually find it in that safe place that is so safe you completely forgot where it was.
  1. Orders an Entire New Wardrobe

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There’s nothing more exciting than lots of parcels landing on your doormat. We love ordering lots of cute little summer dresses, new sandals, bikinis for days and killer kaftans. At the end of the day, a girl has got to have options.
  1. Layers on the Fake Tan

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We’re so jealous of people that can immediately go golden brown after just an hour of sun, but unfortunately you can’t be blessed with everything. Instead we make sure we’re looking tanned to the max having layered on our fav fake tan night after night.
  1. Chooses the Perfect Airport Outfit

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I know we’re only going to be on the plane for a couple of hours, but we’re all about finding the perfect airport outfit which is a winning combination of comfy yet glam. We also love how normal rules about society don’t exist when at airports, so if we want to rock some lounge wear with fluffy sliders and a full face of makeup and rollers, it couldn’t be more acceptable. Which leads us onto our next point…
    1. Has a Large Glass of Prosecco at the Airport

via GIPHY Flight at 4am? That’s not going to stop us from getting a large glass of prosecco to celebrate that it’s nearly time for take-off. A pre-flight glass of our fav tipple is an absolute essential.
  1. Takes an Airport Selfie

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This moment NEEDS to be remembered forever. It’s time to get our best pouts on as this one’s going on the Insta story! Are you at stage six and searching for an unreal new summer wardrobe? Then we’re here to sort you out sister! Get yourself over to our holiday shop now and get the best styles before they’re gone. Want sneak peeks of what we’re going to stock next? Then follow us on Instagram and keep up with our Insta stories every day for all the behind the scenes content you could ever want.