10 Simple Steps to Help You Prep for Black Friday


Credit cards at the ready, the biggest shopping day of the year is nearly upon us, which means we’ve got ALL the excuses we’ve ever wanted to indulge in some retail therapy.

With all the crowds of Black Friday and Cyber Weekend, it can often be an unnecessarily stressful experience. That’s why we’re here to help you have the best Black Friday of your life. Bargains, watch out; we’re coming for you! Join us as we share 10 simple steps which will help you prep for Black Friday.

Make Like Santa and Get Checking Your List


We’d love Black Friday to be all about us, but with it being so close to Christmas, there are inevitably Christmas presents to buy. Get your Santa list ready with everything you need to buy and where from. Whether they’ve been naughty or nice enough to deserve these treats is down to you…

Download your Fave Apps


Sshhh… we’re going to let you in on a little secret! We’re offering some exclusive deals for app customers only before Cyber Weekend, so make sure you’ve downloaded the Pink Boutique app.

Fill Your Wish-list to the Brim


When those Black Friday deals start rolling in, no one has time to start searching through the entire website to find something they might like. Visit your fave websites a couple of days before Black Friday and add all the items you’re crushin’ on to your wish list so you can easily add to bag.

Subscribe to Emails


Emails are another amazing place to get exclusive deals and early access so make sure you’ve signed up.

Get following on Instagram and Facebook


Want to know which deals are launching when? Then following on Instagram and Facebook are a must. There’s going to be some INCRED competitions happening too so get following Pink Boutique now!

Consider a Delivery Pass


With so many deals happening over Black Friday, Cyber Weekend AND Cyber Monday, a girl’s gonna get tempted! If you’re ordering a number of times over the big weekend, then a delivery pass is going to be your new best friend. At Pink Boutique you can get unlimited next day delivery for a year for only £9.99!

Make Sure Your Phone/ IPad is Fully Charged


Imagine the nightmare of adding your most wanted item to your basket, only for your battery to die at checkout! Be prepared by making sure your phone has all the battery life you need.

Memorise Your Passwords and Card Details


Found the dress you wanted in your size, added it to cart, but then had a complete memory blank and forgotten your password details? We’re not about that life. Make sure you’ve refreshed your memory of all your important passwords, and have your trusty bank card close by for any purchases.

Get Your Comfiest PJs On


Forget fighting through the crowds on the high street, it’s all about slipping on the comfiest PJs you own, making a cup of tea and putting your feet up when shopping online.

Ready, Set, SHOP!


You’ve been given the nod, so it’s time to finally get your shop on! As you’re now fully prepped it’ll be a total breeze. Christmas shopping complete along with a Christmas party dress for you without even having to leave your sofa. Bliss!

Feeling Black Friday ready? Then be sure to shop our amazing deals on the big day. You’re also going to love our blog post, The Emotions Everyone Goes Through On Cyber Weekend too, so make sure you give it a read.