10 Reasons Why Being Single in Winter is Actually the Best
When Mariah starts belting out “All I want for Christmas is you”, you may be thinking wouldn’t it be great to have a BAE to snuggle up to? Girl, you’re wrong! There are SO many reasons why being single in winter is actually the best. Join us as we share everything we love about the single life during the colder months!

1. There are more Christmas Presents for YOU

Who wants to spend your precious weeks trawling through the shops trying to find THE most perfect present for the boyf? We’d rather be having day drinks with the girls to be honest, and they’ll still be loads of cash left to treat yo’self to a brand new dress.  


2. You can say goodbye to shaving your legs

Time to put the razors in the bin, because who likes to shave their legs in winter? NOT US! It’s time to bring on the tights life. And if they’re glitter tights we’re even happier!  


3. Cosy PJs can be life. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

One of our fav things about winter is defo getting a brand-new pair of cosy pjs or a super cute onesie! No need to think about sexy nightwear, why not bring on the matching unicorn slippers too whilst you’re at it?! THE SNUGGLE IS REAL!
Unicorn Onesie

4. There’s no need to share the Malteasers’ Teasers from the Celebrations

Those addictive Malteasers’ Teasers are always the first to go out of the box of celebrations; they’re like gold dust. The good news is there’ll be even more if you if you’re aren’t having to spread the chocolate love with a boyf.  


5. You’ve got ALL the excuses to get the Mistletoe out

You can fully embrace the Mistletoe when you’re living the single life! We certainly don’t need any more excuses for a sneaky Christmas kiss, but if there’s Mistletoe on the go we’ll not hold back.  


6. NYE with the girls

Who needs a boring family party with bae and his family when you can have a HUGE night out in the town with the girls wearing the glammest of the glam dresses and heels! Start 2018 how you mean to go on!  


7. Love Actually… on repeat

Is there anything more satisfying than spending a Sunday evening on the sofa snuggled up with a blanket when it’s utterly FREEZING outside?! Only if you add Love Actually into the mix! Our fav Christmas movie never gets old.  


8. The work Christmas party

We love the big build-up to the Christmas party. Who’s going to wear what, who’s going to be first on the dancefloor, and who’s going to the worst hangover the next day? It’s also the perf occasion to let your office crush know that you think he’s goals.  


9. More time to work on your “swiping right” game

The cold weather means more time indoors. More time indoors means more time to get your Tinder game on. It’s time to start swiping right and get a host of dates lined up!  


10. New Year, New Man

Once you’ve got your social calendar full of dates, you’ll have all sorts of options for 2018! If getting loved up is a New Year’s resolution of yours then it’s time to narrow down the options, but if not, then keep on living it up with the ladies.  
Black And White Couple Picture
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